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We help the largest
corporations launch
innovative business ventures.

At K2 Digital Ventures, we know how to build new products
and services for corporations through efficient cooperation with the world of startups.

Startups are a chance,
not a threat

We are entering the world at a time when business models of large corporations undergo radical changes. We aren’t afraid of these changes. We came into being to facilitate the newly forming dynamic and reforge it into the success of the corporations. We are certain that startups are a chance for corporations to strengthen their market position, obtain the existing market niches, and implement innovation in corporate structures.

Corporations can

We believe that flexibility and rapid action, characteristic of the startups’ ecosystem, can be implemented into corporate structures thanks to K2 Digital Ventures. We use our experience in applying agile operational methods based on clear milestones and fast sprints. We aren’t starting a revolution.

Corporations have to

Corporations must absorb useful innovations to maintain market advantage. Startups are more and more effective in stealing the market shares of the giants. K2 Digital Ventures supports corporations in transforming their business models. We show how to cooperate with startups in order to fluidly carry over their experience into the corporate structures.

An idea is
not a business yet

Ideas are the advent of changes. Without execution it’s impossible to realize any idea. We study the business model. We prepare the capital intensity of a project. We recommend the sources of financing. We obtain capital. We believe that the realization of a project should be based on proper design of the business model.

Distruption from
the corporate core

Strong brands, reliable distribution channels, experienced managers and workers – it’s the corporations’ domain. We know how to transform the ideas originating inside a corporation into business ventures. We connect the resources of the giants with verified innovations offered by startups.

Proof of Concept. We’ll introduce you to the right startups and check how their value proposition is useful for your organisation.

We are the entrance to the world of startups. The only point of contact. The only contact opening the ecosystem of European and American startups.
We search for solutions by saving time. We choose only the startups that match the business goals and previously set criteria.
We organize pilot implementations. By selecting startups for corporations we conduct and supervise pilot implementation.

At K2 Digital Ventures we possess
all the competences to:

  • organize financing of an innovative venture
  • prepare the business model of a startup
  • secure intangible and legal assets
  • make a prototype of the product and the service (MVP)
  • design the process of managing a startup
  • introduce a company into the market and open a distribution channel
  • design and conduct marketing operations in a way that suitably positions a startup on the market.

Workshops. We’ll teach you how to think
and operate like a startup


How to transform an idea into a business venture.

How and with what to convince the decision makers (C-Level) to invest.

What are the alternative financing sources.


Introduction to Lean Startup.

MVP, Pivot, Innovation Accounting – the terms without which you won’t understand startups.


Why corporations should cooperate with startups.

Corporations and startups – successful synergies – case studies.

What is ‘corporate venturing, accelerating, and incubating’.

Top 20 Forbes Global FMCG company

One of the biggest FMCG company was facing challenges with managing image and video assets. Internal processes were not able to digest significant and continuously growing data base of assets. The re-usage of assets was low. The firm had significant spends on contracting vendors to generate content that was already within the data base but difficult to identify.

Thanks to K2 Digital Ventures Screening and Selection methodology followed by the Proof of Concept, the client was provided with a comprehensive view on innovative technologies. Selected startups addressed and redefined the existing challenge using AI and deep learning technology. The exercise resulted in increased accuracy of indexing and searching image and video content.

Leading retail multinational company present in more than 20 countries

The client was looking into ways to introduce innovation into internal corporate ecosystem. The goal was to understand ways of collaborations with startups to make most of their drive towards innovation.

K2 Digital Ventures delivered a workshop ”Why startups?” and indicated successful methodologies of cooperating with technology startups driving the most value from mutual efforts. The workshop was conducted at a global level engaging board of directors.

Fortune Global Fortune Global 500 world’s largest Oil and Gas company

The client wanted to re-evaluate the way it engages with business customers – professional drivers and fleet managers, aiming to drive more mutually beneficial value from the relationship.

Thanks to Screening and Selection methodology K2 Digital Ventures identify several dimensions that can help increase the interaction between the client and its customers such as introducing Business Concierge, route optimization methods and delivering useful management tools together with an enhanced service offering to business customers.

Global TV Network, Producer and Broadcaster featuring own educational content

Millennials consume less and less television content. The client was struggling to attract younger audience using the existing broadcasting platforms. At the same time, the client aiming to stimulate innovation culture and introduce startups mind-set into its own organizational culture.

K2 Digital Ventures selected and indicated adequate technological innovations that feature functions and models native to Millennials. In the Proof of Concept phase, the solutions were tested against selected measurements and „brought a ready to implement” solution that can help the client re-use own quality content and stimulate user generated content to drive the engagement. Thanks to cooperation with startups the recommendations delivered were based on the particular ways Millennials consume content.

Thanks to this exercise the client can reevaluate its business model picking up startups best practices.

Local bank providing services to both individual and business clients

The client has a very strong presence in the market and is looking to innovate and bring more clients from the Millennials segment to gain competitive edge against other banks and engage new clients in the fastest possible way through digital tools.

In K2 Digital Ventures, we work together with the clients to meet the needs of our client’s customers and attract them responding to these needs through technology. We look at the client digital ecosystem and bring ideas that can work inside this ecosystem and enhance it. Having a view on startups solutions within the global market allowed to extract assumptions that led towards designing new product and its digital customer journey.

The Selection Phase of the project identified several areas and technology specific to each of the area that the client can explore and in the future implement to its own digital ecosystem driving engagement of existing and new segments of clients.

Leading Global Pharmaceutical & Diagnostics Healthcare company

The client’s internal IT hub delivers IT solutions for an internal demand. The solutions also are proving excellent as a standalone tools and have potential to be scaled globally throughout the organization, as well as outside. The client is aiming to discover an adequate business model that can help them scale the developed product.

At K2 Digital Ventures, we show the clients how to build innovation using a bottom-up approach – incentivizing employees to deliver innovative ideas and spread these ideas. Thanks to exploring Intraprenuership and Lean Startup methodologies we equipped the client with tools to help them build business case from their internal idea and commercialize the idea outside their closest business environment.

Forbes Global 2000 Leading
construction group

The client was looking into ways to diversify its offer against its competitors. Developing and partially equipping the building was not driving expected value. The client was seeing technology innovation as the best differentiator in the market.

At K2 Digital Ventures, we show the clients how to build innovation using a bottom-up approach – stimulating employees to deliver innovative ideas and spread these ideas.

Thanks to Intrapreneurship and Lean Startup workshops, the client ended up equipped with adequate knowledge and best practices to achieve the goals of bring the innovative ideas out and sharing them across the organization.

We are the K2 team
- innovators, entrepreneurs, technology architects, UI/UX specialists, and investors convinced of the concrete value the world of startup brings into the structures of world’s most important corporations.

We make the strongest Product Design team in Poland.
We can create daring products for corporations, such as PZU Drive.
We have full support of the K2 Group, where two leading Polish startups were incubated Audioteka and Oktawave.

Artur Kończyński Managing Parter

Leading one of Poland's biggest interactive agencies introduced him to the challenges of management. He created digital products and services for both small startups and large corporations. He won't discuss technology without learning about the business first.

Mikołaj Machowczyk Partner

A Software Engineer on a mission to facilitate technology in building business.
Working for IT for 18 years, in the last 6 years he’s been developing the business of mobile applications in the UK, and since 2011 he’s been helping introduce innovative technology for K2’s clients, among others: PZU, PKN ORLEN, Bank Pekao SA, Carrefour, and Getin Bank. A finalist of Cannes Lions Innovation 2013.

Łukasz Lewandowski Vice President of the Management Board at K2 Group

Working at K2 for 11 years, he’s been through all the stages. He was an Account Manager, a Head of Research and Development, a Co-managing Director. He remembers each of the 146 awards won by K2 during this period. He believes that there will be more changes in marketing in the next 3 years than there have been in the last 50. He’s not scared of these changes

Maciej Maliszewski Senior Innovation Leader

Innovation geek, bot maker and automation evangelist. Believes in the future described by Stanislaw Lem’s “Fables for Robots” and Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics”.
Worked with the largest Polish and global companies from various industries such as banking, insurance, telecom, pharma, oil & gas and FMCG.
Speaker at Forum IAB, Digital University and K2 Academy. Interested in AI, Bots, Virtual & Augmented Reality.

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